Our Approach

At KWM Financial Consultants, we understand that many successful people are often time poor, making it difficult to manage their money effectively. You want sound advice and someone to do the leg work for you. We appreciate that retirement is a period of major adjustment and you need reassurance and security, combined with optimum performance.

No matter what your circumstances are, your KWM Financial Consultant forms a personalised partnership with you throughout the financial planning process outlined below:

>> Understanding your current financial positions – not only knowing the facts, like your income, but also exploring what you consider is important in your current and future lifestyle – private school fees, travel and so forth

>> Getting to know you personally – understanding your hopes and aspirations tempered with your acceptance of risk versus return

>> Working with you to develop specific financial goals – having an investment portfolio worth X in Y years, retiring at 55 instead of 65, planning for a major home renovation, protecting your family’s lifestyle against unexpected events and providing for those important to you in your estate are all examples of specific goal setting

>> Developing strategies that fulfil your lifestyle aspirations – by meticulously exploring your financial options, we will develop a mix of appropriate strategies to achieve your goals in a clearly laid out plan

>> Presenting and discussing the plan – KWM will thoroughly explain the proposed plan, the reasoning behind each strategy and, of course, answer any questions or make any adjustments you require

>> Implementing your financial plan – KWM will implement the approved plan, keeping you constantly informed about activities while minimising the amount of your valuable time taken

>> Reviewing the results – KWM will periodically update you on your investment performance, review your progress in achieving your financial goals, revise strategies if circumstances change, inform you of new opportunities, keep you up-to-date with changes in taxation and government legislation and modify strategies accordingly

As a partnership with our clients, we welcome meetings or phone enquiries at any time. Contact KWM Financial Consultants for a comprehensive approach to financial planning.

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