Financial Planning

Without the necessary knowledge and expertise – not to mention time - our finances often become unstructured and fragmented. There is no powerful vision or realistic plan to achieve our aspirations. The core KWM investment philosophy includes:

You can’t win the game without goalposts
Effective wealth creation is only possible with specific goals and tailored strategies that are realistic, measureable and timely.

It’s personal
There is no “off-the-shelf” financial solution as every one of us has different values and aspirations, risk tolerances and circumstances.

Markets measure value
Markets do effectively measure combined knowledge of all investors, so the market benefiting one single investor over others is a rarity. Planning and consistency over the long-term deliver the best performance.

Relative risk versus return
Usually investments that yield higher returns carry higher risk. Effective strategies for quality returns do involve some risk, minimised by credible market research. However, the risk of not planning and investing is generally much greater.

Diversification = Defence
Employing a diverse set of investment strategies is your best defence against risk.

Structure delivers performance
As well as developing a quality mix of investment strategies, structuring those investments is crucial to avoid profits being eroded by transaction fees and taxes.

At KWM Financial Consultants, we examine every aspect of your financial situation and develop appropriate strategies encompassing:

  • analysis of ownership structures for greatest tax-efficiency
  • portfolio construction and review
  • access to special opportunities via private capital investment
  • debt structuring and lending arrangements
  • superannuation advice

We have a general policy of fee-for-service with rebating of commissions to our clients, to guarantee recommendations are not influenced by rates of commission.

Form a personalised financial partnership with a KWM Financial Consultant today. Contact us for an obligation-free initial consultation.

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