Wills & Estate Planning

In addition to making sure you have vital legal documentation in place, KWM Financial Consultants can assist our clients maximise the legacy left to their children and other beneficiaries.

It pays to have the best possible strategies in place, tailored to your specific financial circumstances as well as those of your beneficiaries. Testamentary trusts, for example, can provide the flexibility of distributing tax-efficient income from your estate and protect your assets from the liabilities of beneficiaries.

KWM Financial Consultants can:

  • Assist you in understanding the financial implications for your beneficiaries of the asset classes you wish to bestow
  • Develop a plan to ensure the best possible financial outcome for your beneficiaries
  • Assist in organising your Will and other documentation to reflect this estate planning

Ensure other important arrangements, such as Enduring Power of Attorney, are in place so someone you trust has the power to act on your behalf and manage your finances if you should be physically or mentally incapable

Contact KWM Financial Consultants for assistance in professional estate planning.

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